Navigating the Home Dashboard

The Home Dashboard holds all the key information and actions you need most.

It's divided into the following sections:

  • The Home Section
  • Accounting Connection Sync Button
  • The Account Manager
  • The System Status Bar
  • The Activity Feed
  • Open Invoices
  • Draft Invoices
  • InvoiceSherpa Menu

The Home Dashboard

The Home Dashboard is the first section on your home screen. It gives you the following info at a glance:

  • Average days past due for all outstanding invoices
  • The Total Outstanding invoice amount
  • The Total Invoice Qty (total number of open invoices across your entire customer base)

You'll see a bar chart showing the totals and number of invoices for Current Invoices, Invoices past due by 0-30 days, Invoices past due by 31-60 days, Invoices past due by 61-90 days, and Invoices past due more than 90 days. You can use the bar chart to filter the open invoices by days past due.

Accounting Connection

In the top left-hand corner of the platform, you'll see an icon indicating if your account has a live sync with your accounting platform. When the sync is live you can use this area to do a quick data push/pull from your accounting software into the platform (or vice versa). Remember the platform has a live two-way sync (sharing activity with your accounting platform and searching it for any new customers or invoices) - it does this automatically about every 12hrs for QuickBooks Online and 3hrs for Xero & Clio. If you'd like to force sync simply click the "Sync Now" button.

Account Manager

Opposite the Accounting Connection in the top right-hand corner of your screen, you'll find your Account Manager drop-down menu. This allows you to quickly navigate to your accounts settings, log out of your account or (if you're managing multiple accounts from a single sign-on) switch to a different account.

System Status Bar

This is displayed on your home dashboard right below the Account Manager.

It will either be Red (when your system is paused).

Or Green which means your system is actively sending reminders.

Activity Feed

The Activity Feed area is located along the top right-hand side of your Home Dashboard, right below the system status bar. This keeps a running log of your InvoiceSherpa's account activity, and customer behaviours (such as when a reminder is sent, opened or paid). Each listing includes a link to the PDF invoice and the customer. Select the Customer name to open the Customer record. Select the Invoice number to open a PDF of the invoice.

Open Invoices

The Open Invoices area below the Home section provides a list of all open invoices in your account. Each invoice shows the details for the open invoice, with links for the following actions:

  • Run Payment (if the customer is set up for recurring payments)
  • Send Manual Reminder
  • Send Manual Late Fee
  • Pay Invoice
  • Pause/Un-pause Reminders for Invoice
  • Take a Note

Each open invoice listing also includes links to additional information. Select the Customer name to open the Customer record. Select the Invoice number to open a PDF of the invoice.

You can change the number of invoices showing per page on the Open Invoices area, as well as search for a specific Customer using the search bar.

Draft Invoices

Below the Open Invoices area, you'll find Draft Invoices. Here you'll find a list of all the invoices that exist within your accounting system but have been marked as pending to be sent or "Drafted". InvoiceSherpa won't schedule any actions against these invoices until they're marked as "Ready" in your accounting system. 

The Platform Menu Bar

The left-hand menu bar (the InvoiceSherpa Menu) allows you quickly navigate to any of the other sections within the platform (Invoice Reminders, Automatic Payments, Customer Portal and Late Fees).

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