InvoiceSherpa Overview

What exactly is InvoiceSherpa?

InvoiceSherpa is an Accounts Receivable (AR) Automation tool that works with your favourite accounting platforms (QuickBooks Online, Xero & Clio) to give businesses of all shapes, sizes and industries power and peace of mind when it comes to their receivables.

Sales + Collections = Revenue!

Generating revenue is the lifeblood of any business, and it's a two-part equation. There are several methods that allow you to take a proactive approach to generate new sales but far too often businesses are forced to take a back seat when it comes to actually receiving payment on those sales. At the end of the day, an invoice without payment is just a piece of paper.

Working smarter, not harder.

In the past, there were only a few ways to take a proactive approach to collecting outstanding AR.

  • The Executive Approach: When an owner/operator of a business invests time each month to manually chase down customers with past due balances. This both eats into valuable time (that could be spent growing the business) and risks putting undue strain on customer relationships.
  • The Delegation Approach: When a business owner assigns an existing employee (ie: an internal bookkeeper, admin or assistant) to manually email or call customers with open invoices.
  • The Ringer Approach: When a business hires a new employee (full or part-time), the specialist, does nothing but collect on outstanding receivables.

The traditional approaches lack efficiency and aren't the best use of your time, your staff's time or your payroll budget. Enter InvoiceSherpa! Our dynamic, user-friendly platform empowers businesses (from "solo entrepreneurs" to enterprise-level organizations) to harness the power of proactive, consistent, measurable and scalable Accounts Receivable Automation!

Start Getting Paid 2x Faster!

InvoiceSherpa integrates seamlessly with your accounting platform, bringing over your AR data & relevant customer information with the click of a button. From there - simply set up your customer reminder schedule(s). Plug and play the templated reminders provided to you, with the option to easily customize any of the text, images and reminder timings to seamlessly fit your organization.

Make your clients' lives easier by enabling them to pay you directly from reminders by integrating a payment gateway. Set up automatic payments, and payment plans and automatically apply late fees (without you having to manually generate a second invoice). The Client Portal allows you to invite your customers to view and pay any open invoices and view/download any of their past invoices.

Once set up - the system runs in the background, communicating with your customers on an ongoing basis to ensure that they're able to stay on top of due dates and keep your business from running into unexpected cash flow shortages. The average business using InvoiceSherpa sees a 50% reduction in their Daily Sales Outstanding (aka a 200% increase in their cash flow) within 90 days of implementation!

Ready to stop stressing about cash flow and start getting paid faster?                                                      

Start today and try InvoiceSherpa for an entire AR cycle, free of charge!

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