Invoice Reminders Settings

This article will briefly go over important settings found in Invoice Reminder Settings


  • "Send reminders to all email addresses of a customer"
    • Would like all customer emails to receive a reminder, if not selected then on the primary email will do so.
  • "Include invoice attachments with reminders"
    • If in the account platform you have attachments associated to invoice toggle this option on so that your customer will also receive those with their reminder.
  • "Invoice PDF attachment"
    • Three option either to attach a pdf, link to one or nothing.
  • "Reminder "reply-to" email address"
    • Here you can add an internal email if you wish your customer to communicate to you regarding a said reminder.
  • "Reminder "Bcc" email address"
    • If you wish to be copied on all reminders sent add your internal email here.

Reminder Flows:

  • "Combine invoice reminders into a statement"
    • Here you can opt to send a statement if your customer has more that 1 invoice going out ie if they have 3 invoices so instead of sending 3 reminders send 1 with a link to all 3.
  • "Send invoice ready emails for automatically paid invoices"
    • If you customer is on automatic payment and you would still like them to receive a ready reminder toggle the option on ie from grey to blue.
  • "Show credit memos on statements"
    • If you use credit memos toggle this option on and your customer will see their credit memos as a line item on their monthly statements.
  • "Minimum invoice amount due to send a reminder"
    • After sending out a invoice ready reminder you can select not to follow up with the customer if the invoice amount is less than x amount.


  • "Hide "powered by" logo on reminders"
    • On the footer of the reminders you can select not to show the following:

  • "Personalize email reminder footer"
    • Here you can add your internal details that you wish to appear on the footer of the reminders.


  • "Send last reminders when resuming system"
    • If you pause the system upon reactivating the system do you want to resend the last reminders that the system sent, if so toggle this option on.
  • "Delay invoice ready reminders by"
    • If you wish to for whatever reason delay sending reminders please add the timeframe in minutes here.
  • "Send reminders on your preferred schedule"
    • Here you can pick the time of day and the day/s of the week you wish your reminders to be sent.


"Email Domain Authentication"

  • You'll need this following text if you wish to show the sending domain as yours and not InvoiceSherpa. Note: Contact your provider for specific setup-related questions.

Combine Reminder Limit: This rule combines several reminders into one statement. Once the total amount of reminders reaches limit “x” a combined statement will be sent

combine limit

For example: if the limit is set at 4 and one of your customers has 4 or more reminders scheduled, they will receive a statement instead of 4 individual reminders.

This is an example of the Statement that will be sent to your customers:

Invoice Reminders 4

Hold All Actions on Weekends: This feature will hold ALL actions over the weekend.

Invoice Reminders 5

For Example: If your customer has a Reminder scheduled for March 23rd, but the 23rd falls on a Saturday, the customer will not be charged until the following Monday.

Send Reminders to All Emails: This feature will send reminders to all email addresses on file for your customers.

Invoice Reminders 6

Reminder Timings: This setting allows you to control the day(s) and time(s) reminders are sent. If you use this setting reminders will only go out on the selected days.

For Example: If you choose to only send reminders on Mondays at 9:00, your reminders will all hold until that day to be sent – regardless of the invoice creation date/due date.

Reminder Timings

Send an Email from your Domain: First, enter your email address here.

validate email

Then click the blue “Validate Domain” button.

This should validate your domain, unless a text box appears under the “Validate Domain” button, see below:

Invoice Reminders 9

If the box above appears, you need to manually enter the text into your DNS. Once completed return to

“Reminder Settings” and click the blue “Validate Domain” button.

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