How to Add/Update a Customer Group

This article will outline how to add and change Customer Groups. These can be used for Scheduling Invoices, Automatic Payments and Late Fees.

1. Navigate to the Customers section.

2. On the left-hand side of the page there is a drop-down menu.

3. Using the above drop-down menu, click on "Add new customer group"

4. The following pop-up will open. Then type in the name of the Customer Group and click "Save"

You will now be able to assign your customers to the created group.

5. To change/add customers to a Customer Group you must select the customer(s) you would like to change Customer Groups.

6. Using the drop-down menu located at the left-hand side of the screen click “Change Customer Group”

7. Select the Customer Group you want the customer(s) to be in. Then click "Set Customer Group"

Your customer has now changed Customer Groups. A green pop-up will briefly appear in the top right-hand corner of the screen confirming your customer group was updated. See below:

You can also confirm which group your customer(s) are in on the Customers page. See below:

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