Setting Up the Customer Portal

You will have to invite your customers to the Customer Portal. The email address that the invitation is sent to will be used to create a fully functional system user. Only the customer will be able to manage that system user (change passwords etc.) When they want to access their portal, they will be required to sign in using these credentials.

From the home screen on the platform select the "Customer Portal" section:

Here you'll have a list of all your customers on the far right is the "Portal" section here you'll see              "Invite" & "Invite Sent"

Once you click Invite your customer will receive the following email. To complete their Portal set-up they must click the green “Get Started” button. Afterwards, all they must do is enter their email address and create a password.

Once your customer has created their profile the tab will change to "Accepted"

Once in the Portal, your customers can:

  • See an overview of their account,
  • Pay invoices,
  • Store payment methods,
  • Enrol in automatic payments
  • View open payment plans - {QuickBooks Online customers only}

In order to store payment methods and enrol in automatic payments, they must click "Pay Invoice."     

They can do this under the "Latest Invoice" or through the invoices page.

Once they click "Pay Invoice" they will be brought to the screen below.                                       

At the bottom of the form, they can choose to: 

Store their payment method and enrol into automatic payments.

Here is an example of what your customers will see in the portal:

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