Payment Settings

Please be sure to complete this tab to ensure your payments are properly processed, to understand each item you can refer to the below reference page:

For a breakdown of each setting please reference - Payment Settings {In-depth Overview}

Payment Accounts

Here you can choose what account you want your funds posted to in your accounting platform. You can choose multiple accounts/currencies.

Note: This feature does not relate to payment processing, but payment posting.    InvoiceSherpa does not handle money or transfer of money to your bank account. Posting a payment to the accounting platform only means that the system records the payment operation in the accounting platform, so the accounting platform can automatically mark the invoice as paid.

Payment Integration

In order to collect payments, you must connect to a Payment Processor.                                   

To do this click “Connect” and then enter your unique credentials.                                         

Your payment processor is what allows you to get paid. 

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