InvoiceSherpa - Invoice Reminders {Settings Tab}

Welcome to this tutorial, where we'll be guiding you through the Invoice Reminders section of the platform, with a specific focus on the Settings tab. During this video, we'll explain the five distinct sections within this tab, each of which can be customized according to your preferences and branding.

You'll discover how to manage email addresses for receiving invoice reminders, as well as how to seamlessly attach reminders to your account platform. Additionally, I'll walk you through the process of including or excluding attachments like PDFs in your reminders.

We'll delve into setting up reminder flows and handling automatic payments, making your invoicing process more efficient. Moreover, we'll demonstrate how to effectively manage credit memos within the system.

Furthermore, we'll show you how to personalize the reminders with your branding, ensuring a professional touch. You'll also learn how to schedule the sending of reminders at optimal times.

Invoice Reminders {Settings Tab}

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