Working with Statement Schedules

Scheduling Statements

This article will outline the three different ways you can schedule statements.

1. Navigate to the Invoice Reminders tab on the menu bar

Once on the Invoice Reminders page, click the following in order to set up the "Monthly Statment" reminders:

  1. "Create Reminders"
  2. "Monthly Statements"
  3. Pick a "Customer Group"
  4. "+ Create a Reminder"

In the following pop-up box confirm the following:

  1. "Send to" - confirm you have the right group
  2. "Template" - click on the + icon to create your messaging 
  3. "Day of the Month" - pick the day you wish your customers for this group to receive their statements
  4. "Time of Day" either check the box to keep the default time or type in a time of your choice.   

Once created successfully you see the confirmation in the top right-hand 

To delete a reminder click the "x" or the edit click the "pencil" icon

For further information regarding Monthly Statements settings see the article below {"Reminder Flows"}:

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