Adding a Customer Payment Method

This article offers a comprehensive guide on integrating a customer payment method.

Before enrolling a customer in Automatic Payments, they must first have a stored payment method. If you will be manually adding their payment methods, please follow the instructions below.

To enable users to add their payment method, please refer to this article: Setting Up the Customer Portal.

  • Proceed to the Automatic Payments Page.

  • Located on the far right-hand side of the screen, you will find a green button:

  • Users will be directed to the following screen. Depending on their payment processor, they will have either both Credit Card and ACH/eCheck options or just one. Users should select the appropriate option, check the "Enable auto-payment" box, and submit.

The payment method has been successfully added to your account. 👍   

Subsequently, it is crucial to verify the eligibility of the payment method for Automatic Payments.

  • To verify the usability of a payment method for Automatic Payments, it is necessary to locate the Customer's name by using the search bar positioned on the left-hand side of the screen:

"Usable" - This refers to the card details entered. If "Yes" is indicated, then the details are considered valid.

"Enabled for Automatic Payments" - "On" signifies that the account is currently active and will proceed with collecting invoices for this customer according to your configured settings.

Important: If your customer has a stored payment method, it does not necessarily mean they are enrolled in automatic payments. It simply indicates that the option is available. To finalize the enrollment process, you must also add an Automatic Payment Rule for them. Please refer to this article for detailed instructions: How to Set Up Automatic Payments

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