Adding a Customer Payment Method

This article details how to add a customer payment method.

Before you can enrol a customer in Automatic Payments they must first have a stored payment method. If you will be manually adding their payment methods see the below.

If you would like them to add their own payment method see the following article:                                  Setting Up the Customer Portal.

  1. Go to the Automatic Payments Page.

2. On the top right-hand side of the screen you will see a green button called;

“Add Customer Payment Method.” 

3. You will be brought to the screen below. Input your customer's payment information.                             Then select “Enabled for auto-payment”

You have now successfully added a payment method. 👍                                                             

Next, you must verify that the payment method can be used for Automatic Payments.

4. To ensure that a payment method is usable for Automatic Payments search the Customer's name, using the search bar located on the right-hand side of the screen under "Add Customer Payment Method"

Under "Actions" if the text is greyed out your customer is ready for automatic payments, on the other hand, if it's green then automatic payments aren't enabled for your customer, and you'll need to click the said text to enable.

Important: If your customer has a stored payment method it does not necessarily mean they are enrolled in automatic payments. It only means the option is available. To complete the enrollment process you must also add an Automatic Payment Rule for them. See this article for further instructions:    How to set up Automatic Payments

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